The Polynesian Tattoo Handbook Vol.1

Practical Guide to creating Meaningful Polynesian Tattoos

156 pages

Lists of symbols and meanings, a quick reference dictionary, explained examples, maorigrams.

200+ dictionary entries

To find right away the correct symbols for the desired meanings.

The Polynesian Tattoo Handbook - Front cover

Over 200 illustrations

Symbols, variants and real life tattoos explained in detail.

Explained tattoos

Sample tattoos deconstructed and explained in detail with clear explanations.

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Structure of the book:

I.   Foreword
II.  Placement on the body
III. Symbols and meanings
IV. Quick reference dictionary
V.  Creation process and case studies
VI. Basic designs
Appendix: Maorigrams creation (>> free chapter download)
Bibliographic references

WHY is The Polynesian Tattoo Handbook unique?
Because it is the only book that does not stop at listing some symbols but also explains their meanings and how to choose them to create a personal Polynesian styled tattoo.

The idea behind the book
We just asked ourselves:
What do we wish we knew when we started drawing Polynesian tattoos?
The answer to this apparently simple question is this book featuring 150+ illustrated pages, cured in every detail for easier consultation and a more enjoyable experience:
Color tabs for easier consultation

Colour tabs on the side of the book make it easier to switch from chapter to chapter.

Bolder meanings pop up from the page

Bold meanings make it visually easier to spot them within the text of a page.

Polynesian sayings and proverbs

Every chapter features a proverb or a way of saying from a Pacific culture.

WHO´s gonna like The Polynesian Tattoo Handbook:
people whom, for work or plain passion, love Polynesian tattoos and want to know more about them. 
Every passage is explained in a clear and straightforward way, making this book fit both for the tattoo artist and for those who are just fond of Polynesian styled tattoos and have no specific graphical skills. 


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