Polynesian Tattoo Symbols

Art with a Meaning

Polynesian tattoos can tell stories, protect, inspire.

Each tattoo is made up of several smaller elements, comparable to building blocks, which are selected by the tattoo master based on their meaning and then assembled together in a coded order to create the final piece. 

Just as sentences convey meaning if their words are chosen and joined properly, so do Polynesian tattoos if they are properly designed.

Information about Polynesian tattoo symbols and their meanings will be published monthly, but you can also find it right away in our Handbooks, which introduce and explain this amazing tradition:


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featuring lists of symbols and their meanings, a quick reference dictionary, explained examples, and so much more!



Symbols are paired with their most common variants, and real tattoos are deconstructed and explained down to their foundational elements.


symbols & variants

Vol. 1 lists the most common symbols and Vol. 2 is an in depth study of Samoan, Marquesan, Tahitian, Hawaiian and Maori tattoos.


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Books about Polynesian Tattoos

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